Monthly Archives: August 2010

Starting with a bang!

As the first action of the foundation, we are to organize a protest. Here is the details:

A demonstration will be held in Québec City on labor day monday, september 6th 2010, beginning at noon, on Honoré-Mercier avenue, in front of the provincial parliament.

As a matter of fact, owners, importers and users of right hand drive (RHD) vehicles are invited to converge to Québec City to demonstrate their disagreement with the ministère du transports april 29th 2009 decision to ban any new registration of RHD vehicles in Québec.

The ministère du transports decision is based on a study named: “Analysis of the accident risk for Right-Hand-Drive vehicles in Québec.”, a study that RHD vehicle owners think is biased and unrepresentative of the reality. Their main complaint about the study is that the accident statistics for RHDs onto which it is based don’t take into account a most important fact that is: Was the accident indeed caused by the fact that one of the vehicles had it’s steering wheel on the right hand side! Owners and users of RHD vehicles also ask themselves and the government why driving a RHD vehicle would present more risks in Québec since they are accepted world wide like in France or the U.S….

RHD vehicle owners, importers and users consider their right to choose the vehicle they want to be encroached upon and are inviting every person or organization supporting their view to come and join them in front of the provincial parliament, in Québec city on monday, september 6th beginning at noon.