Vehicle Choice Foundation promoting JDM Imports and helping to educate the public and government and automotive associations.

Vehicle Choice Foundation is yet another group opposed to government control and restrictions of imported vehicles from Japan.  Cars from Japan tend to be in better condition than even newer used vehicles in North America and there are no proven studies that show they are dangerous at all.  Most of it is a move by automotive dealer associations and other lobby groups who see these cars as a threat to their business.

JDM cars are not a threat to the used car business as they represent a niche market of enthusiasts and not the average car buyer.

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Back online!

Finally, the site is back online. We are not sure from where, how or who hacked the website, but let’s hope it’s now a thing of the past. There has been a lot of work done in the last few months, there will be some information available soon.

Minister questioned, SAAQ answered

Following a request from the Foundation to obtain the opinion on the ministerial order from the new minister of Transport, mister Sam Hamad, we obtained an answer SAAQ’s Gaétan Bergeron:

(translated from french)

“Mister Poirier,

this refers to your e-mail address to the minister of Transpot, M. Sam Hamad, concerning the subject in title.

The decision to prohibit the use of right-hand drive vehicles on the road network was based on the results of a study realized on accidentology of this type of vehicle. This study, that you certainly know, revealed that these vehicles have an excess risk of 32% compared to similar vehicles with the steering wheel on the left, for 2007 and 2008.

Whereas the order is very recent and no new information can make us believe that the excess risk associated with the use of those vehicles has been annihilated, the SAAQ does not see the relevance to recommend to the minister to review the record.

Please accept, Mr. Poirier, our sincere greetings.

Gaétan Bergeron, ing.

Chef du Service de l’ingénierie des véhicules”

Mr. Bergeron seems to be the one who have the last word in this case. Any complaint at the SAAQ, ministry of Transport and Ombudsman regarding this situation ends up with an answer from him. There is serious question to ask ourselves about his intentions and qualifications. Does the minister wants to avoid the question and use the SAAQ for this?

Mr. Bergeron talks about a study of “accidentology”, which by definition(translated from the definition of “accidentologie”) is: “Scientific analysis of road traffic accident, their causes, their consequences and their prevention.” However , the study in question is merely a statistical report, no cause has been studied and the consequences thus the prevention of this is by extending a ministerial order that has already been extended twice!

See in the “Documents” section if you want to take a look at the so called study.

It is obvious, with that kind of answer, that the SAAQ does not want to listen to reason.

You can be sure that the Foundation will fight hard to reestablish our freedom of choices.

The fight is far from over.

Report on the demonstration

The demonstration held on last Monday September 6th went very well. Even if  the number of cars that attended the event was below the expectations, the main goal of attracting the population and media attention was achieved. Following the event, an article in Le Soleil and an interview at CBC Radio One in Quebec City was realized. Check out the Link section to get them.

Starting with a bang!

As the first action of the foundation, we are to organize a protest. Here is the details:

A demonstration will be held in Québec City on labor day monday, september 6th 2010, beginning at noon, on Honoré-Mercier avenue, in front of the provincial parliament.

As a matter of fact, owners, importers and users of right hand drive (RHD) vehicles are invited to converge to Québec City to demonstrate their disagreement with the ministère du transports april 29th 2009 decision to ban any new registration of RHD vehicles in Québec.

The ministère du transports decision is based on a study named: “Analysis of the accident risk for Right-Hand-Drive vehicles in Québec.”, a study that RHD vehicle owners think is biased and unrepresentative of the reality. Their main complaint about the study is that the accident statistics for RHDs onto which it is based don’t take into account a most important fact that is: Was the accident indeed caused by the fact that one of the vehicles had it’s steering wheel on the right hand side! Owners and users of RHD vehicles also ask themselves and the government why driving a RHD vehicle would present more risks in Québec since they are accepted world wide like in France or the U.S….

RHD vehicle owners, importers and users consider their right to choose the vehicle they want to be encroached upon and are inviting every person or organization supporting their view to come and join them in front of the provincial parliament, in Québec city on monday, september 6th beginning at noon.